We plan and operate variety of events starting with “Niconico Chokaigi,” a huge event which launched in 2012 with the concept of “reproducing niconico’s virtual world in real life.” We also plan and operate the video game festival “Tokaigi (Game Party Japan)” and the music event “Niconico Cho Party (Music Party),” where artists flourishing in niconico get together. Furthermore, we host the world's largest anime song event "Animelo Summer Live." In collaboration with Shochiku, we also produce “Cho Kabuki” – this performance, which received numerous awards, fuses together the latest technology and traditional Japanese entertainment. Additionally, at our event space “nicofarre” and complex facility “Niconico Honsha,” a variety of events are held throughout the year.

  • Cho Kabuki

  • Tokaigi

  • Niconico Chokaigi

  • Niconico Cho Party

  • Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival

  • Animelo Summer Live

  • Niconico Honsha

  • nicofarre