【N Prep School】
Dwango offers educational services suited for the Internet era, in cooperation with “N High School,” which is run by Kadokawa Dwango Gakuen. “N Prep School” is an all-in-one app for preparing for entrance exams. We developed this app by tailoring teaching materials, live classes, and Q&A for smartphones, based on the Niconico Live Streaming system operated by Dwango. Live classes with interactive systems are characterized by the functions which improve the efficiency and quality of learning. For example, the commenting function enables students to ask questions during classes and the "Show of Hands" function enables students to submit their answers and have them corrected on the spot. Teachers can also conduct a questionnaire survey for all those attending the class. These classes are available in the online learning platform of N High School – by paying fees, members of the public can also attend some of these classes.
This system was highly evaluated for helping solve the unilateral nature of online education where students just watch series of video lectures. In Oct. 2018, Dwango received the Award of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in the 15th “Japan e-Learning Awards." for the system's novelty and originality.

  • - Function for posting comments and asking questions
    Students can attend classes together with their classmates while sharing comments and feelings. Pressing the “question switch” while commenting will help teachers spot comments that need answering.

  • - Questionnaire/Quiz
    During classes, teachers will carry out questionnaires or ask multiple-choice questions, in order to deepen the student’s understanding of the content of the class. Teachers will adjust his/her class flexibly depending on the student’s responses.

  • - Show of Hands
    During classes, teachers will give out extended-response or essay-type questions. Students with an answer can take a picture of their notebook and submit them to their teachers. Teachers will then select an answer and correct them on the spot.

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